The ‘For Sale’ Board, Do I Really Need One?

Q: Will strange people or potential buyers knock on my door?

A: It is a possibility, but a very very small one. In over 10 years I have only personally heard of 1 occasion where a potential buyer knocked on the door of an advertised property. In reality, the majority of buyers prefer to deal with an agent anyway, they don’t want the awkward doorstep conversation anymore than you do! It is generally understood that calling the agent is the accepted practice and in my experience that’s what the vast majority do. Worst case, if someone does happen to knock, you direct them to us and we will take it from there, whilst carrying out the proper due diligence.

Q: If I have a board outside, my neighbours will all know I am selling!

A: When I am asked this, which is more often than not, usually on a valuation, I refer to selling my own property in Biggin Hill. It was our first home, we listed the property the night before and the board hadn’t been erected yet. In the morning, whilst leaving for work, my neighbour caught me and commented on how nice our property looked inside! With the internet being such a powerful marketing tool, I can pretty much guarantee your neighbours will be on Rightmove anyway and are likely to get an update as soon as your home goes ‘live’. So many people regularly check for property updates online, if only just to be nosey or even for fun! The likelihood is that your neighbours will see your property even before any potential buyers!

Q: Are boards just for advertising your agency? Do they really benefit me?

A: The answer to this involves a short story. I was marketing a £1.3m new home in Elmstead Woods back in 2012. We had run an amazing launch event, champagne, canapes and a really good turn out! Sadly we had received no offers and frankly were struggling. I got a call a few days later from a potential buyer, he took the train past the property every day and saw the board from the window. This prompted him to call up, we arranged a viewing and he ended up buying the property! The moral of the story is, why not use every possible tool available to generate as much exposure as possible. You never know who might be visiting, driving, walking past and what that may lead to.

Posted on 27 November 2019