Preparing Your Home For Sale

“What should I do to make my home more saleable?”

The honest answer is that it depends entirely on the property and who our target market is. Human beings are very good at doing a great many things, for a large majority however being able to see the value or potential in ‘space’ is not one of them. Don’t get us wrong, some people are fantastic at doing this but in our experience if you present a large empty vacuous room, a good number of potential buyers won’t be able to picture themselves living there….and that is completely counteracting what we are trying to achieve!

Therefore the advice is generally quite simple, leave the furniture! This mostly applies to empty properties, probate sales, rentals etc but the advice is sound nonetheless. Leaving furniture no matter how old and battered it may be at least allows potential buyers to visualise and perhaps, see themselves moving in one day!

This also crucially applies to New Homes. We have always encouraged the developers we work with to furnish new homes, or at least a show home. The same principle applies, big empty white, stark and cold spaces….not very inviting are they! Look at the photo in this article, the same space, without furniture and with….which one would you want to go and view? Simple.

We are also often asked about decoration. It’s a bit of a tricky one and again depends on the property, we will advise you when we meet but the general advice is usually the same, if its cosmetic leave it, if its damaged repair it. It has become common place these days for new buyers to redecorate once they have moved in anyway. So many times we have seen new kitchens/bathrooms etc chucked out to be replaced because they were not the personal taste of the new owners. Again, we will advise you when we meet but that should give you a start.

Any further questions please get in touch, we are happy to help!

Posted on 20 December 2019