The Importance of Professional Photography

Take a look at this picture, which image looks more appealing? Which image is more likely to entice you to want to arrange a viewing or at the very least look in more detail?

The first image was taken on a mobile phone, a standard lens instead of a wide angle and a limited amount of definition. Perhaps more importantly It was also taken by an amateur instead of someone that has spent years learning how to make properties look their best. A good workman doesn’t blame their tools!

It amazes us that even today, a quick browse will show that there are still hundreds of properties presented badly with sub standard photographs, being discounted or not receiving the interest they should. There really is no need for it and sadly, with so many initial enquiries starting ‘online’ every property needs to look its best!

A good agent will manage their database, speak to potential buyers and encourage viewings on properties that they had even discounted. We still speak to clients that are now living in homes they crossed off, but we encouraged them to view anyway. That is the job of a proactive agent!

That doesn’t mean however that we should be complacent, those viewers likely came into contact with us through looking ‘online’ initially, so why turn them away at the outset, we need to cast our net as wide as possible and professional photography is one of the easiest ways to do that, which is why it is our standard practice.

Posted on 11 February 2020